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Welcome to my crib!

As the first post on my new and improved website I thought it would be great idea for you to get to know me and find out what my fave beauty products are!

I’m obsessed with makeup. Ever since I heard the word “makeup” I was hooked. I still remember in the 8th Grade coming to school wearing my gold eyeliner from Walmart! I tried blinking excessively to draw my classmates attention to my crazy gold eyeliner, and even if they didn’t notice, I was just super stoked something like that was invented.. LOL

When I was younger I was not a pro at makeup (obviously..  who would wear bare face, no mascara just the casual gold eyeliner);) in time, with lots of experimenting, I found myself wanting to take this passion and make it into a career. So here I am!!

I’ve been a certified Makeup Artist since I graduated in 2014 from John Casablancas Institute for Makeup Artistry. Its been quite a journey…  My first jobs as a  makeup artist was in retail, but I never felt 100% fulfilled. Working in a luxury department store can be fun:  you get to interact with people and everyday is different, but it kept me away from my art.  It’s “sell sell sell” but all I wanted to do was give everyone a great experience and make them look beautiful. I do what I do for the passion and the love of makeup. Fashion is another love but we can talk more about that on another blog post.


Okay.. Enough babbling, lets talk about the good stuff: MAKEUP!


Lets start at the top:  I’m a girl who loves her brows.   

First of all my top priority is keeping my brows GROOMED, I have them threaded every two weeks. There are many brow bars around these days that don’t charge a lot (my local one only charges $5 for threading or waxing)

My #1 favourite product to use for these “uneven girls” is the “Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade gel in Dark Brown”. Thats a mouth full..  Sometimes if I’m feeling like I need to go darker I’ll take the Bobbi Brown single Eye Shadow in Mahogany and apply that over the Pomade. Of course I use concealer with the Foundation Stick by Bobbi Brown to shape and sharpen my brows. I go back and forth with the colors #3 Beige and #3.25 Cool Beige. It all depends on how tanned I get in the summer… (LOL – I don’t tan… I burn!)


Anastasia Biverly Hills Brow Pomade Gel – Here
Bobbi Brown Mahogany Single Shadow – Here
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – Here


I have a love/hate relationship with mascara.

I don’t usually need much length, thankfully my parents gave me long-ass lashes so I  look for a mascara that gives a lot of volume . I’ve tried non-waterproof mascaras such as Better Than Sex by TooFaced, Tarte’s Light Camera Lashes and the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye but I’m not a fan.. I need that WATERPROOF sh*t. I’m the kind of girl that loves waterproof. I’m an emotional lady that likes to cry so I got no time having my mascara run. I feel like my lashes stay curled better with a waterproof mascara. I have tried a lot of mascarasand the one that really floats my boat is the Loreal’s Voluminous WATERPROOF mascara. Dang it’s good. I brush it through my lashes, she give me that lash lift and BANG flawless lashes! Runner ups: Better Than Sex Waterproof by TooFaced and Extreme Party by Bobbi Brown (8 hour wear).


Loreal Voluminous Mascara – Here
TooFaced Better Then Sex Mascara – Here
Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara – Here



I don’t wear foundation often, I go for the more the “No makeup – makeup look”.

When I do get fancy I’ll slap on some concealer for those dark circles, discolouration and of course my imperfections around my face! I currently use the Laura Mercier’s new Flawless Fusion Ultra-Long wear Concealer. Let me tell you about this fantastic Concealer! Its waterproof, sweat proof and crease proof! Say what?! I’m currently wearing the shade 2N and I set my under eyes with the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and that powder is “life”! I will never use another setting powder ever again! I used to get creases under my eyes ALL the time and I couldn’t find the right product to resolve that issue until Laura Mercier stepped into my life! I can put any concealer on (Creamy or liquid) and once I set it,  I don’t have to worry about “flash back” or creases my under my eyes.


Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer – Here
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Here



The last thing I wanted to talk about is highlight…. “I don’t like highlight” SAID NO ONE EVER.

Highlight is the key to all happiness. Not really, but it is the bomb. I go through highlight like hot cakes. If there’s one highlight that you need to try its the Bobbi Brown Highlight in Afternoon Glow. Those of you who follow me on Social Media @makeuploulou will know that Afternoon Glow is the ONLY highlight I use on day to day basis. It has a warm pinky gold magical undertone that gives me and everyone I show LIFE. The other highlight that makes my list is the Becca highlight in Opal.  The Becca brand is the queen of highlight: #obsessed.


Bobbi Brown Afternoon Glow – Here
Becca Opal Highlight – Here



I hope you enjoyed hearinga little bit about me and my top fave beauty products. I didn’t want to put everything down or else this blog post would turn into a novel and we got no time for that 😉 If you want to know more of my favourite products or just have an idea of what I should write about next,  please let know by commenting below!!

Thank you for all your love

Your girl,



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